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Welcome Modern

Court Reporters:


Are you spending all of your time editing your transcripts?


Would you like more time to enjoy other pursuits?


Want to take on more work and make more money?


Would you like to be caught up for the first time in years?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, the solution is simple!  Hire a scopist or proofreader.


Now if you've done any searching for a scopist or a proofreader, you know that there are tons out there.  What qualities are important?

  • The ability to read steno notes.  How is a scopist going to figure out your untranslates if he or she doesn't read steno?
  • Punctuality.  A scopist can only be an asset to you if they can produce a timely transcript.
  • Accuracy.  Sure they can get it to you in 10 minutes, but is it accurate?  Your signature is going on that cert page.  You need a scopist who will act like it is their own signature certifying the transcript.
  • A willingness to "spoil" you.  A good scopist will realize that you are their bread and butter and will take good care of you.
  • Knowledge of the English language, proper spelling, punctuation and grammar.  I know of a bunch of great scopists, but I have also seen some folks claiming to be scopists and proclaiming their excellent "grammer" skills. 
  • Research materials, like Gregg Reference Manual, SearchMaster, dictionaries, One Word, Two Words, Hyphenated? and others.
  • A strong knowledge of the Internet and computers.  A good scopist can help you troubleshoot problems you may be having e-mailing files or any other questions you may have that fall on the tech side of things.  A good knowledge of how to effectively use the Internet is also necessary for research skills.


If you're searching for a scopist or proofreader with all of those qualities, your search has ended. 



Please allow me to lighten your load today!
Call 254-230-4506 or
You can e-mail me at:

Elli Harris * Lorena * TX * 76655

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